How Do I Track Mileage for Taxes?


How do I track mileage for taxes?

Answer: I recommend creating a spreadsheet and putting in all of the meetings you traveled to over the year. You can download my IRS compliant mileage tracker below, or create your own spreadsheet and add columns for the date, business purpose, client you’re meeting with, and starting/ending destination. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to total the mileage and hand the information over to your accountant. If you prefer to use an app to track your mileage, I recommend Mile IQ.

What are the IRS mileage tracking requirements?

The IRS requires the following information to be included in your mileage log for it to be compliant with their regulations:

  • the business reason for each of your trips
  • your destination
  • the dates of each business trip
  • your car’s mileage
  • the total number of miles you drove during the year for business
  • the total number of miles you commuted during the year
  • the total mileage for travel related to personal driving other than commuting (non business mileage)

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