Top 5 Reasons to Be Your Own CFO

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Be Your Own CFO

Can you relate to these business goals? You’re not alone. This is why I created Be Your Own CFO. The Be Your Own CFO program includes access to a Certified Public Accountant and a membership site which includes short videos and beautiful, downloadable guides that will walk you through the main topics in each lesson. Each lesson will be released on a weekly basis to ensure that you don’t get overloaded with information, and you have time to review and ask questions before proceeding.

Top 5 Reasons to Be Your Own CFO

Bookkeeping & taxes are not optional
If you own a business, you need to understand the ins-and-outs of your business financials. Be Your Own CFO makes this easy.

Ongoing Membership
Membership includes instructional videos, and beautiful, downloadable guides that will walk you through the topics in an easy-to-understand format with an actionable checklist. The lessons will be continuously expanded and updated based on member feedback.

Members Only Facebook Group
You will receive access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions to a CPA and small business owners like you.

It’s a tax deduction
Save your receipt for this course. This course is an investment in your business. Tax deductions lower your taxable income, which puts more money in your pocket during tax season. This course covers tax deductions in lesson 5.

You’re supporting another small business owner
I’m not your parent’s accountant. I work out of my home office, and I’m passionate about helping small business owners, like you. When you become a member, you will be treated with care during every step of the process.

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