Free Accounting Spreadsheet for Photographers


I created this spreadsheet for you, the busy photographer, who prefers a spreadsheet over tricky bookkeeping software. The tabs help you organize the information you or your accountant will need for tax time – all in one place!

  • INCOME – Use this sheet to record client/customer sales. Be sure that you do NOT include sales tax collected in the amounts recorded on this sheet.
  • EXPENSES – Use this sheet to track the money you spend from your business. Again, do NOT include the sales tax payments you make to your state.
  • MILEAGE – Track the mileage to and from business meetings. These would include photoshoots, pre-shoot client meetings, and even trips to the post office to mail client products.
  • TAXES – Use this sheet to calculate an estimate of what you should be saving and paying in for your quarterly income tax payments (this is NOT sales tax).
  • SALES TAX – Track the sales tax you’ve collected from your clients as well as the payments you’ve made to your state. If your state doesn’t have sales tax, count yourself lucky and ignore this sheet!


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