How can I get a copy of my EIN Verification Letter (147C) from the IRS?


If you have lost your federal employer identification number, you can contact the IRS to request a copy of the EIN confirmation letter.

To request a copy of the EIN Verification Letter (147C), complete the following steps:

  • Call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line toll-free at 1-800-829-4933 between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm in your local time zone.
  • When the call is answered, press 1 for English
  • Next, you will be asked to press 1 for information related to your FEIN or EIN
  • Next, select option 3 – You have a FEIN or EIN but need a confirmation number
  • You will need to have the FEIN or EIN number, name, and address you have been using on your 941 forms, W‐2 forms, and or 1099 forms.
  • Once your information has been verified, the IRS agent will offer to fax the letter to you immediately or snail mail you a copy of the letter.

Only an owner or a Power of Attorney (POA) can request a 147C Letter. If you would like a POA to request your EIN Verification Letter (147C), both you and your POA will need to complete the IRS Form 2848 and have it ready to send to the IRS via fax during the phone call with the IRS.

For more information on how to retrieve your EIN Verification Letter, visit this IRS resource.

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