Hey there! Thank you so much for joining me today to chat about Scaling Your Service-Based Business by Growing a Team.

The journey to growing your team so you can grow your business and serve more clients is an exciting and scary one! But once you make the leap I think you’ll love it, as I have.

Gusto* has been a huge part of my success in growing my team. I’m able to send offer letters, create a company handbook, and other things like vacation time tracking in addition to general payroll services.

Now…onto that freebie I promised!

Enter your information below to download the Money Plan Google Sheet. It’s what I use in my business and for my clients when we’re making big decisions, like hiring!

Add in an income line for expected income earned by having an extra set of hands available to take on additional projects.

Also, add in an expense line to capture that additional cost of the employee or contractor. If you’re hiring an employee, don’t forget to capture the 7.65% federal employer payroll tax you’ll be paying for your employee.

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